As ever rubber-ware is critical, the rubber compounds are carefully engineered with a range of other substances such as carbon powder and silicon and then heat treated to give it just the right properties. There is a hell of a lot of technology in that black stuff. The tread pasternRead More →

As engineers we have to test cars in all environments, and whilst a lot of time is spent testing in hot and cold countries the bulk of testing is done back at the engineering centre in special climatic chambers. These are basically glorified garages with a high powered air conditioningRead More →

Or put another way how much space do you really need… Phenomena from the parallel world of project vehicles.Indeed, fleet size is related to theoretical storage places thus:Fs = Pth + Ptemp + int(0.5+(Dnew + S))WherePth is the theoretical storage places is based on Mini sized vehicles, stacked.Ptemp is theoreticalRead More →