About RH Engineering

RHEL was set up in 1997 by Ralph Hosier to service engineering contracts with companies such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ford of Europe, Jaguar Land Rover, PSA, ZF and many companies from the motorsport world. Specializing in prototype and experimental vehicles and powertrain systems at the cutting edge of technology.

We have also worked with film and TV industries, working behind the scenes to create vehicles and act as technical consultants on car based shows. The rear of the workshop is also used as a film set for garage based shows.

PR and show vehicles feature heavily in our portfolio, helping car companies grab attention and spread the word by using highly modified or fully custom built vehicles for media stories and at live events.

In our main workshop we have 12 vehicle work bays, but more importantly a brilliant team of highly skilled mechanics and technicians with a real passion for creating extraordinary vehicles.

Visits to the workshop are strictly by appointment only due to the confidential nature of some of our projects. To book an appointment please email hello@rhel.co.uk or phone the office on 01234378289

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